Ivo Reis   Filmmaker / visual artist

Presents ANIMATEK as the exoskeleton of performance and creative thinking. Its language comprises genres such as sensory cinema, video mapping, documentary cinema, fiction and audiovisual performance. Its inspiration comes from the fascination with light, the way it moves and defines in space, with nuances of temperature, color and sensations that travel through time and harbor memory. In the universe of cinema, audiovisual and new media, it has evolved into practical and multidisciplinary applications of contrasts, fusion and complement. The recreation of immersive imagery comes from experiences with different cultural and geographical connections, in a field of transdisciplinary and intercultural vision. It is in this field that his ideas take on the form of expression, form and message. They are assumed as tools of interpretation and cross-cultural extension, result of ethnographic research with the dynamics of digital laboratory.

August 05,  2019,  UTC/GMT + 01:00 (WET) Modem Festival
Vj perfomance
July 22_ 07 , 2018 , Idanha-a-Nova UTC/GMT + 00:00 (WET) `Boom Festival
Vj performance 
June 22_ 06 , 2018 , Poland, UTC/GMT + 1(WET) `Vikare` 
Digital concept and mograph , colaboração com a companhia de artistas Delirium Ensemble 
July 21_ 25, 2017, Montalegre UTC/GMT + 00:00 (WET) Dialogue, an expression of delusion 
Light sculptures lab at chill out ́s natural amphitheatre, Forest Soul Gathering 2017 
March 19, 2016 , Rajabhatkhawa , West Bengal, India 16:30 UTC/GMT + 05:30 (WET)
Music, dance and tribal culture merge with new media. 
Unique sensorial atmosphere, a non-immediate form of physical perception in universal art 
October 17, 2015, Porto 16:00 UTC/GMT + 00:00 (WET) Barba Azul 
Collaboration with Teatro de Marionetas do Porto. Video design, concept and animation 
November 11, 2014, Setubal 21:30 UTC/GMT + 00:00 (WET) Kin.act 
Interactive dance performance. Path of light and geometries in real-time. 
November 23, 2013, Guimarães 21:30 UTC/GMT + 00:00 (WET) Why 
AV performance at Plataforma das Artes, Guimarães European Capital of Culture, Portugal.
A trip through conscious narrative, a delicate image process that hovers in timeless visual melody. 
May 23, 2005, Museum of Anatomy, Porto 15:00 UTC/GMT + 00:00 (WET) Mutações 
Exploring textures, forms and light design around bodies. To such experience was given the intention to bring on some beautiful bodyscapes. 

Vanessa Fernandes   Filmmaker / Performer / visual artist

Born in Guinea-Bissau in 1978, lived in Paris, Macao, Porto-Portugal, Germany and returns to Porto in 2012 where she lives today. 
Master in Film and Television Direction at ESAP. 
Presented audiovisual installation at Hangar – Artistic Investigation Center in Lisbon. Presented “Vortex” Exprimental film performance at VIC artsHouse in Aveiro and participates in Collective Exhibition at RAMPA – Porto with the interstruct collective. 
She made short films such as “Tradition and imagination”, “Mikambaru”, “Si destinu”, “Fiji”, “Cura”, “MadMudPool”, “Mura”, “TICTACBOOM”, and the RTPLAb series “Matemática Salteada”. Some of her films were selected for festivals, such as: Cabo verde International Film Festival, with best short Film price, Bogotá experimental film festival, “LE PLEINT DE SUPER 2016” itinerant festival, 4th CINENIMA – International animation film festival, Diaspora International Film Festival Nilo – Kampala 2016 and Equality Festival in Kiev 2016. Performed a multimedia installation “Museu2059”, for a sensory Labyrinth at the Hat Weekend Festival in S. João da Madeira and a Video Mapping installation for the III festival of Rua de Layounne, Sahara. With the performance “Lead and Cotton”, she makes artistic residency “Afroeuropeans – on the edge of Portuguese cinema”, with presentation at TAGV Coimbra and FIGaia 2019, Participates in July 2018 at Festival dos Canais – Aveiro, with the intervention “what comes before ”. And the first public presentation of “Lead and cotton” at the festival “Une autre façon de découvrir la danse – 2018 – ouidah, Benin. She is invited to participate in international debates and conferences, “Afroeuropeans Studies Conference”, “For us, for us: African and African cultural production” and international conference, organized by the Center for African Studies of Porto, “The struggle of women in African cinema and the Middle East in 2016”.