Vanessa Fernandes   Filmmaker / performer / visual artist

Ivo Reis   Filmmaker / visual artist

Visible Spectrum comes from a fascination with light, which it conveys as temperature, color and sensations. It is a project of creation that, in recent years, has gathered collaborations and bet on several artistic areas. assembles a set of possibilities that result in a multidisciplinary field of unique vision in sensory cinema, video-mapping, video art, performance, documentary and workshops.

Latest projects
2021 – “The Invisible Side of Water” – Project for the international exhibition “The European Humanities R&D Exhibition” by
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and FCT.
2020 – 2021 – Artist residency “Babel – Aqui em Part nowhere” by Paulo Capelo Cardoso from Companhia Cão Danado.
2020 – Open-air cinema exhibition “FrameMobil – Cinematographic Oasis” by Visible Spectrum – Youth Week for
City Council and the association Ecos Urbanos – S. João da Madeira.
2021 – “O Fio do Casulo” – Visible Spectrum Project – V Cineminuto de Córdoba International Festival – Argentina
2021 – “Hidden Circles” – Visible Spectrum Project at Dínamo Gallery – ESAP – Porto
2020 – “Hidden Circles” – Visible Spectrum Project – Rollout Dance Film Festival – Macau – Portugal dance film pulse
Visible Spectrum by Vanessa Fernandes and Ivo Reis exists since 2017, developing several projects such as; the series for
RTPlab “Salted Mathematics”, the performance “Lead and Cotton” presented at TAGV in Coimbra within the scope of
artistic residency “Beyond Portuguese cinema” in 2019 and at the Gaia International Forum for the event “Lingua
Franca” curated by Rogério Nuno Costa, several actions with the Associação Ecos Urbanos de São João da Madeira
namely “Museu 2059”, a multimedia installation at the Museu da Chapelaria, for the Hat Weekend Festival, between
others, documentary and training for young people in the European Union’s Habitus and Erasmus + project. Visible Spectrum started for
the event “Friday the 13th” of 2017 in Montalegre, with the documentary “Cura”, in collaboration with the Municipality of
Montalegre and the Cultural Association Improvise and Organize.