“Chumbo e Algodão”  – 2019
Body mapping performance

“Lead and Cotton” is a fragmented narrative of an invented body. It´s a story based in several metaphorical layers and symbols of existence, rising emotional states of vulnerability and strength. It´s a shadow, an extension of this hybrid body, translated between journeys, dissected, poly-linguistic and transcultural, unmasks this social and temporal being. It receives stains from its existence, becoming an outline of itself.
But how can we hack our shadow?
The dance is the research of ritual movement, where it brings together the dimensional expression of each part of that being and the shadow is the dimensionless representation of the physical conscious. Visual and sound projection composes the vortex of its transformation.
What if intoxication reveals the authenticity of the body?
Intoxication is analogous to a formatting process, which through 5 channels, with their own codes, translates the emotional aspects of the character; Fluid – solid – flammable – atmospheric – vacuum.
The idea of ​​weaving a web of lead and cotton, using the fusion of performance and digital art, is to navigate through the identification addresses of the body in the transfer space.


“Museu 2059” – 2020
Multimedia Installation

Multimedia installation 2019 In 2059 the museum will be another place. In 40 years, the way of thinking will have changed and so will the use of hats. The reflections, the multimedia interfaces, will be a maze of visions, a philosophical question that centralizes us in humanity. The magic of reframed reality, artificial intelligence, a retrospective of 2019. The light, the color and the hats, are some fragments to be transported to this scenario, the Utopia / Dystopia layers expose current paradigms in a future context.

film and video art

O lado invisível da água / Invisible side of water – 2021

Directed by Ivo Reis and Vanessa Fernandes, this short documentary portrays a territory where water, soil and human action intersect with a strong environmental footprint but it seems almost indelible. This place is Estarreja, a territory marked by social development, economic growth and industrial activity. The film follows the water that leads us through streams and ditches, reeds and shrubs, discovering the path of a contaminated landscape. The succession of images from the surroundings of Estarreja joins the voices of the locals who reflect a chorus of different perceptions that the directors chose to represent with one voice.

Paisiel – Unconscious Death Wishes (Excerpt) Taken from the album ‘Unconscious Death Wishes’ (Launch213) on Rocket Recordings

“Hidden Circles” – 2020

Human behaviour derives from intentions and echoes consequences of order and disorder in entropy. These being spontaneous, follow principles of nature becoming irreversible.

“Cura” – 2017

In Montalegre – Portugal, they celebrate all Friday 13’s. More than a fest, this meeting is provided by Father Fontes, the Father of the Witches, it is also a healing process.


“Yalla Yalla Tour”Ocidental Sahara – 2018
Transcultural experiencie

The Yalla Yalla project is another example of a creative roadtrip. The artistic multidisciplinarity that lodges from the dance and music, cinema and live performance, does it essentially in a cooperative way with the communities that hosted it.
It was a collective creative process in artistic residence. Our concept of site specific is to create synergies of exchange of knowledge and human relationship. In addition to creating a show that accommodates the various artistic areas, the aim is to be part of intercultural dialogue.
To break boundaries through a universal language, we begin our creative process by listening to the stories to be told by the participants, hence, in this dialogue, the themes chosen by the group are born.
The themes are developed little by little and transferred to the body, voice and scenic space.
With a series of techniques presented by the performers, the work of physical training, dance, choreography, theater, vocalization, improvisation are worked daily until a thread emerges.
Multimedia artists interpret the light of the present space in an intensive image search throughout the residence whose purpose is to find the language defined by the theme. Documentary cinema, video art, sound design and live performance are forms of expression derived from this process.
A delta of creative sources that unite in a final scenario in the form of a show presented to the local public.