“Never thought I’d be here” – Video installation – MONTRA – VILA DO CONDE 2022

Video installation for MONTRA, contemporanean art exhibition in commercial shop window in Vila do Conde, Portugal.

“Never thought I’d be here” is a mix technic with film, Ai animation, motion graphic and photography. It’s a surrealist film created with poems, words, moments and experiences that were taking place at that time. 


“Tales of Pilot Pirx” – multimedia performance – SWITZERLAND 2022

“Stories about the pilot Pirx” – a multimedia performance in Switzerland based on the works of Stanisław Lem. The premiere of an interactive spectacle, influenced by the audience, took place in Basel. The thing shows the advantages and threats of human interaction with artificial intelligence. Allowing the audience to decide on the course of action and music makes it possible to engage the viewer more strongly. Interactivity also guarantees the uniqueness of each performance of “The Tale of Pirx the Pilot”. The next performance is planned for October 29 in Bern, the next one for December 1 in Lokremise St. Gallen. The show was created and produced by Delirium-Edition: organization for tomorrow’s art in cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Photos from the premiere in Basel at the headquarters of Delirium Ensemble Don Bosco Basel, Musik- und Kulturzentrum. Images by Vanessa Fernandes, all rights reserved Delirium-Edition: organization for tomorrow’s art. Delirium-Edition: organization for tomorrow’s art (producer) | Wiktor Kociuban (artistic director) | Animatek visuals (animation and art) | Espectro Visível (animation and art) | Don Bosco Basel, Musik- und Kulturzentrum | Reitschule Bern.


Water Trip” – Video Installation – GERÊS 2022

Vídeo Installation with music and participation of Luís Bittencourt.


“Chumbo e Algodão” – Body mapping performance – COIMBRA / GAIA 2019

“Lead and Cotton” is a fragmented narrative of an invented body. It´s a story based in several metaphorical layers and symbols of existence, rising emotional states of vulnerability and strength. It´s a shadow, an extension of this hybrid body, translated between journeys, dissected, poly-linguistic and transcultural, unmasks this social and temporal being. It receives stains from its existence, becoming an outline of itself.
But how can we hack our shadow?
The dance is the research of ritual movement, where it brings together the dimensional expression of each part of that being and the shadow is the dimensionless representation of the physical conscious. Visual and sound projection composes the vortex of its transformation.
What if intoxication reveals the authenticity of the body?
Intoxication is analogous to a formatting process, which through 5 channels, with their own codes, translates the emotional aspects of the character; Fluid – solid – flammable – atmospheric – vacuum.
The idea of ​​weaving a web of lead and cotton, using the fusion of performance and digital art, is to navigate through the identification addresses of the body in the transfer space.


“Museu 2059” – Multimedia Installation – São João DA MADEIRA 2019

Multimedia installation 2019 In 2059 the museum will be another place. In 40 years, the way of thinking will have changed and so will the use of hats. The reflections, the multimedia interfaces, will be a maze of visions, a philosophical question that centralizes us in humanity. The magic of reframed reality, artificial intelligence, a retrospective of 2019. The light, the color and the hats, are some fragments to be transported to this scenario, the Utopia / Dystopia layers expose current paradigms in a future context.

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