Traveling is the ability to transport the body, mind and soul somewhere in space and time. When we travel we become more receptive, we put our senses on alert, attentive to what each place can bring us again. We let ourselves be inspired and experience odd experiences, open new windows of knowledge, clarify our sensitive field and tune into the moment.
To accept the transformation of a journey is to know that we will return home a little different.
The purpose of this process is to share a series of author travel records, encourage and start the concept of cultural road trip.
The local community can idealize, imagine and register their own audiovisual travel journal. For this experience, nothing better than traveling in the imaginary and / or living in loco spontaneous and unforeseeable situations. Look at the place where one lives as if it were something new and recreate this landscape nature in a time and an action, which give rise to a story or moment. Learning to educate the senses, for they are the natural tools that filter the inputs offered by the cross-cultural experience.

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